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OK, I'm sure you all know what Mass Effect 3 is and the controversy behind it's ending. If not, then this article isn't for you.

The Ending DLC came out today, and I actually very much preferred it. i believe that if this had been the original ending we got, most would have been disappointed but overall forgiving. Now this is not me being a fan-boy, if you enjoyed/hated the ending and/or the DLC, then fine, that's your opinion and your's to voice, as much as this is mine to voice, and I am not demanding they change it again. I'm just voicing my enjoyment and my disappointment.

The Good Stuff:
We get clarification on a lot of stuff, like why Joker was leaving and riding the shock-wave, what happened to everyone and what became of all our choices, some in video but most in a slideshow. We are also told about the constructs that connect to the Crucible, and how all these endings do actually work to a degree.
The videos and slides did actually leave me with a large amount of satisfaction, and I'm not upset that in all of the endings Shepard dies, it does add to the atmosphere and the after effect of your actions.
I also liked that we got much more info on the Catalyst, and actually proved his flawed logic. His creators came to the conclusion (the wrong one but anyway) that organics and synthetics could not live peacefully, so they created him, an EXTREMELY POWERFUL A.I, to solve the problem.

.... He then proceeded to turn them into the first Reaper (great thinking guys).

This also helps with showing he isn't an indestructible force, he is just an extremely powerful A.I that got corrupt logic through his original purpose not making sense.

The Bad Stuff:
A few questions remain unanswered.
How did Anderson beat you? it still seems a huge leap in logic that he got there before you.
Why didn't the Catalyst fix the Prothean code that stopped the keepers from opening the Citadel relay in the first game?
One problem I still have is that the Geth and EDI still die in Destroy. Why not have it that having enough resources allows them to survive?
One of the great things about mass effect is how controlled it was in terms of science. few species were included compared to other science fiction, allowing for greater depth and difference between the races. all technology and history was detailed in the codex, and written in a way that is believable in the close future. These endings still seem to stretch logic a little too far for Mass Effect science, but its not a big problem.
A problem I may have is that whilst we get slide-shows, we don't seem to get all of them. It seems to randomise them, but that might just be my game.

My biggest problem though was the new fourth ending, Refusal. this seems utterly pointless because of how they did it. You refuse his logic, everyone dies and game over. They could have done so much with this.
Some people have told me that throughout the games, its indicated that no-one can stop the Reapers, until the three-pronged ending happened. I never got that indication.
It always seemed to me that the main message of Mass Effect was that all intelligent life has the right to independence and diversity, because it is those qualities that give us strength. the ability to think for ourselves and create new and original ideas is what allows us to discover and to evolve, and that to make everything the same forever is to create a stalemate, that removes all joy and wonder from life, and that we might as well be mindless machines.
This happened to the Protheans, and caused them to be easily crippled by the Reapers. Our different species, cultures, religions, just the lawful right to our independence allowed us to delay the Reapers long enough to create the Crucible and defeat them.
Why couldn't it have Refusal leading to an all out battle dependent on your war assets? it could have caused much more tension and drama, and would have been much more believable in the grand scheme of things. And it would have felt that sticking through all 3 games, and gathering all those war assets lead to the best ending. All the characters do what they do, all your big choices lead to great things, and you get your romance.

Synthesis is still the worst ending, stating that there is a final evolution, that the only way for peace is for everybody to be the same.


Control is no better and even leads to you becoming a psychotic being of ultimate power with no remorse.
But even the Destroy ending means you kill an entire race (the Geth) countless independent A.I like EDI, and who knows how many other synthetic lifeforms.

I also wish that they would have fixed the questing system and Tali's face.

Another thing I hated was this feeling of Shepard being the chosen one.
I have nothing against chosen one story-lines, but they've been done to death and have become lazy plot devices to add some 'destiny' to the hero. instead of building the hero on his or her merit, actions and personality, like it was with Shepard, it acted like The Catalyst has now decided Shepard would ascend, and THEN he/she would become noteworthy, for their selfless sacrifice and nothing else.

Of course, this is my opinion and that is all it is, but it's born not out of hate, but of love for this franchise, the characters and the universe in general. I had such high hopes for the ending, but it failed miserably and they tried to fix it. They did a great job, I'll give them that, but it's still missing that one thing that it could have achieved so fantastically.

Whatever your opinion is on this subject matter or related subjects, you are entitled to it and free to voice it in the comments. I encourage you all to voice your opinions and discuss them, as it allows us to better understand each other and grow, both as individuals and as a society in general, just please keep it as civil and understanding as you can.


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